Support the Federation of Entertainment Unions campaign - #NoCreativeLeftBehind

The Federation of Entertainment Unions (FEU) consists of: Equity, BECTU, the Musicians’ Union, the NUJ and the Writers Guild of Great Britain. Together we are calling on the Government to improve support for our members during the coronavirus crisis. Last week we wrote to the Chancellor and urged him to make changes to the Self Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) and the Job Retention Scheme (JRS).

We are now calling on all Equity members to keep up pressure on the Government to ensure that freelancers and the self-employed are not forgotten or left behind during the coronavirus pandemic. #NoCreativeLeftBehind

What you can do to help:
Take a picture of yourself, holding a piece of paper that says #NoCreativeLeftBehind, which will be included in a video montage our colleagues at BECTU are compiling to be distributed across social media. The aim of the video is to demonstrate the level of concern across the breadth of the creative industries for those who are not eligible for financial support and to continue to put pressure on the government to find solutions.

The instructions for the photos are below:

  • Subject to look straight at camera / down the lens, and stand as far away as possible from any background walls / furniture.
  • Your expression should be neutral and relaxed, and not beaming smiles
  • Please use generic backgrounds, avoiding any prominent / distracting objects, so the subject is the centre of attention in the image.
  • Try to take the photo in a bright environment, if possible using day light.
  • The photos must be taken in landscape mode, and when using smart phones, please don’t use the selfie (front camera) as the quality of the picture would be too low. Instead use the camera at the back of your phone. If possible, please ask someone to take your photograph, as selfie photos won’t work.
  • We are only able to use medium to high resolution images, which are uncompressed.
  • Remember to hold a sign saying #NoCreativeLeftBehind

Please email the picture to with the correct name and profession (actor, stage manager, designer etc) to be used with your photo. The picture must be sent by Sunday 26 April.