Equity offices: Covid-19 update

As some Equity members begin to return to work, Equity has moved from 3 August to increase staff presence at the London office, Guild House, with strict COVID protections.

Whilst the hope is to maintain and improve this presence the majority of Equity staff, not on furlough, continue to work from home, and the initiative will be reversed with any major spike in the spread of the virus. Regional and national offices will remain on skeleton staffing levels until later in the year as local conditions and guidance vary.
Guild House will not be able to be open to members or outside organisations for some considerable period of time. Equity Council, Committees and Branches continue to be recommended to meet only by remote means for the foreseeable future. 
Staff may be contacted by email or by phone. Details can be obtained on the website or in the Equity diary. Most landlines of staff at home connect to their mobiles.