A New Deal for the Independent Sector

From April 1st 2020 Equity members working for Independent Theatre Council (ITC) members on the Ethical Manager Agreement will see pay rises of up to 24% now a deal has been agreed and ratified by Equity’s Stage Committee and ITC Working Party.

We have agreed a new formalised day rate with the ITC of £100 – this is a massive 24% increase on the previous informal day rate of £80.50. Payable for a maximum of three days per week, the full weekly rate of pay will apply when working for four or more days in the week.

All other rates and allowances including fees for directors, designers and choreographers on the agreement have increased by 2.2%. This means that the weekly fee rises from £483 per week to £494.

The Equity/ITC Ethical Manager Agreement sets the industry standard for terms and conditions in funding applications, and Equity is calling on Arts Council funded companies to respect industry standards.

All other terms and conditions in the agreement are unchanged, and will be part of an ongoing review by Equity and ITC to ensure the standard-bearer for this sector is modernised, accessible and that it delivers for workers and producers alike. Equity and ITC will also be working closely to maximise usage of this agreement across the sector, by bringing more independent sector producers and companies into ITC Ethical Manager Membership.

Charlotte Bence, Equity’s Independent Theatre Organiser, said:

“Equity members value the work opportunities and creative contribution of the Independent Theatre sector, which we know has been suffering from swingeing cuts to government arts funding. The opportunity to undertake a detailed review of the agreement and the accompanying best practice handbook is really exciting, and we are looking forward to working with both Equity and ITC members to future-proof our agreement. Equity is grateful to the many members who have been involved in the negotiations so far, and we’re excited to see what comes next.”

Charlotte Jones, CEO of the Independent Theatre Council, said:

“ITC’s Collective agreement with Equity provides a set of minimum terms and conditions and pay rates which form the backbone of good employment practice in this industry. The new day rate will provide the potential for more flexible working and recognises the shifting working patterns of the sector. ITC members can sign up as Ethical Managers to use these agreements and can apply for recognised variations to accommodate a wide range of touring and non-traditional performance space practice.”