Equity campaign leads worldwide guide on combatting sexual harassment

Equity’s campaigning work to combat sexual harassment is a key component of a new manual designed to help other trade unions combat sexual harassment.

The guide, Resources, Inspiration and Recommended Practices among Performer Unions for Combatting Sexual Harassment, has been released by the International Federation of Actors (FIA). It aims to be a model for FIA member unions to develop their own strategy to fight sexual harassment in the profession.

Equity has extensive experience of fighting harassment and responded to the #MeToo revelations with its ‘Creating Safe Spaces’ campaign.  

Equity’s President Maureen Beattie said: “As we plan the next steps in our campaign to eradicate harassment of all kinds from our industry, this excellent publication reminds us of best practise and makes us think of how we can do even better.”

Download the guide in English

Download the guide in French

Download the guide in Spanish