National Theatre of Scotland needs to be more transparent on funding

Equity General Secretary Christine Payne has questioned how the funding of the National Theatre of Scotland is being allocated. This follows a motion sent to the recent Scottish Annual General Meeting, that has been agreed by Equity's Council, the union's ruling body.

Christine said:

“The National Theatre of Scotland receives  £4.2 million of taxpayers money in comparison to the Citizens which receives £1.11m, the Lyceum £1.21m, Dundee Rep (including Scottish Dance Theatre) £1.98m and Pitlochry £425,000.​ 

How is this money being spent? From our own research  it is not being spent on productions involving our members. Therefore, Equity calls on the NTS to be upfront and transparent about where the £4.2M is being spent and to explain why they are not employing performers, stage managers and creative team personnel at the level they should considering the amount of investment they receive.”

The full motion from the Scottish Annual General meeting is below:

National Theatre of Scotland
The National Theatre of Scotland launched its new programme in November 2019 and laudably within that season they are targeting audiences that are from traditionally excluded groups and are investing a lot of their resources in developing those audiences.

However, over the past few years the level of activity produced by NTS seems to have declined with reduced employment opportunities for Scottish based actors and free-lance creatives who are members of our Union.

The direct grant which NTS receives from the Scottish Government is £4.2 million a year compared to the Citizens (£1.11m) the Lyceum (£1.21m), Dundee Rep (including Scottish Dance Theatre £1.98m) and Pitlochry (£425,000).

This motion calls on the NTS to be open and transparent about employment levels of performers, stage managers and creative team personnel it employs annually given the scale of their resources in comparison to other theatre companies in Scotland.