Equity launches Guide to Good Practice with BSL in the Arts

Working with actor, interpreter and Equity member Alim Jayda, Deafinitely Theatre and members of Equity's D/deaf and Disabled Committee, Equity has produced a Guide to Good Practice in BSL and the Arts for all those who engage with creative practitioners in our industry.

The guide represents an opportunity for the entertainment industry to make sure its working practices are as inclusive as possible, and meet the needs of D/deaf actors and the wider D/deaf community.

Alim said: "Sign language has been an oppressed language for years and it has taken deaf people a long time to finally gain ownership of it. This is one of the reasons why representation is so important, and why it has to be of a high standard. This guide aims to give the reader an understanding of how to work with deaf people and those that use BSL. It aims to address questions and offers some useful tips for those who wish to implement it into their creative processes which will hopefully, in turn, help contribute to a better representation of the language of itself within the arts."

The guide can be accessed in the following formats:

PDF document
BSL video
Word document (Arial font, pt. 16)
Audio recording