Equity statement on the Chancellor's Plan for Jobs

Kickstarter scheme: Unions including Equity must be consulted as to how the Kickstarter scheme can be applied to, and work effectively, in the entertainment industry. New creative graduates are emerging into an industry in crisis and many have not been supported by the Self Employed Income Support Scheme. The Kickstarter scheme could be a lifeline for these young workers but must not undercut union agreements, and there must be a guarantee that wages are topped up to the collectively bargained or industry standard rate. ​

On VAT: We welcome the reduction in VAT to 5% until 12th January for businesses in the hospitality and leisure industries. Theatre and live entainment ticket sales must be included alongside cinemas in this measure in order to support safe re-opening and maximise the boost to the UK's tourism and hospitality sectors.

On the £1 billion for the Department for Work and Pensions: All too often the highly skilled creative workers are not understood or supported by the social security system. The increase in recruitment of 'work coaches' for job centres must be accompanied by training and appropriate guidance on supporting self-employed and creative workers. More broadly, it is disappointing that the opportunity was today missed to remedy the level of benefit payments, abolish the two child limit and reform the mechanisms of Universal Credit for all workers.