Equity welcomes emergency funding in Scotland and NI while calling for comprehensive support package

Equity has welcomed the announcements this week of emergency funds for the arts in Scotland and Northern Ireland, while continuing to call for a comprehensive support package and investment in the creative industries.

The £10 million fund announced today to support Scotland’s performing arts venues will help many organisations avoid redundancies and insolvency in the coming weeks, and follows the Scottish government’s hardship package for newly self-employed workers excluded from the Self Employed Income Support Scheme.

Equity also welcomes this week’s announcement of a £4 million support package for the arts in Northern Ireland, and will continue to engage directly with the Department for Communities to ensure that our members benefit directly from this funding.

However, these measures are emergency packages designed to stave off job losses at targeted theatres, minimise venue closures and keep organisations afloat in the immediate future. They will not contribute to the long-term, sustainable survival of creative institutions, or support the creative workforce as we enter the fourth month of industry-wide shutdown.

Equity is calling for a comprehensive support package that invests in the people who create live performance as well as the venues that house it. Our four pillar plan for the recovery of our industry involves workforce protection, safe opening, the protection of infrastructure and a focus on equalities and diversities issues.​

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