Agreement reached between Equity and UK Theatre to support touring and commercial theatre outside the West End

UK Theatre and Equity are pleased to announce that they have come to an agreement to temporarily revise the terms on which artists are contracted by Managers using the Commercial Theatre Agreement. The agreement seeks to balance some of the risks of production between Manager and Artists and thereby facilitate the hiring of artists for productions in these particularly difficult and challenging times for theatre. The changes to normal arrangements will operate until a vaccine or other permanent solution is found which allows the sector to operate normally 
William Village CEO of Regent’s Park Theatre who led the negotiations on behalf of UK Theatre said; “Equity and UK Theatre are committed to continue working together to make touring and other commercial theatre outside the West End a possibility again, so that work can be offered to performers and stage management and Managers can produce at the earliest opportunity. Equity and UK Theatre look forward to welcoming audiences back into our theatres as soon as possible.”
Hilary Hadley, Head of Equity's Live Performance Department said "It is incredibly difficult to see a clear way through these difficult times.  Equity and UK Theatre have jointly considered obstacles and jointly found solutions which gives all involved in the production of Commercial Theatre the best chance of safely returning to work at the earliest possible time.  That said, I am sure that both Equity and UK Theatre are very much looking forward to a time when these Covid-19 Variations will simply fall away and we can all return to all the standard terms  and conditions of our current Commercial Theatre Agreement!"

Members can access the full agreement here and a guide to FAQs on the agreement here.