Equity welcomes extension of SEISS while urging Chancellor to protect the creative industries

Equity members have campaigned very hard to get an extension to the Self Employed Income Support Scheme and for those who are eligible, the Chancellor's announcement tonight represents a crucial lifeline.

The months ahead will however be very difficult for those who continue to be excluded from SEISS, including the most vulnerable and under-represented workers in our industry. 
Parents, carers, those who rely on PAYE to supplement their income, new entrants and graduates, as well as those who work through limited or personal service companies, those who have significant costs and expenses or miss out by being on the wrong side of the £50k profit cap cannot survive and remain in the creative industries with only Universal Credit to support them.
Equity General Secretary Christine Payne said: "The Chancellor said tonight that resources will now be directed to recovery and that he will 'develop measures to help people thrive in the post-Covid world'. I would say in response to this - work with us to develop a plan to protect the creative industries. At the core of a recovery plan for the creative industries there must be an income guarantee for the self-employed and freelance workforce. ​We cannot hope to return to work in full until the early months of 2021 and this represents a massive threat to the £111bn we contribute to the economy."