Save Union Learning!

Save Union Learning!

Save FEU Training!

On Tuesday 6 October, the TUC received a letter from the Department for Education saying that ministers have decided to end the Union Learning Fund (ULF)  from March 2021.

In 2019–20, the ULF was worth £12m. It supported more than 200,000 learners across England including thousands of members of Equity, The Writers Guild of Great Britain, The Musicians Union and the National Union of Journalists, which together form FEU Training  This provides training, information, advice, guidance and business skills development opportunities to support your freelance career in the creative industries.

This decision will mean the end of the financial support FEU Training receives from the Union Learning Fund (c£120,000).  This will be the end of FEU Training and all the other union-brokered skills training, and will undermine key government skills and retraining priorities at a crucial moment for our economy. This decision is counterproductive and must be reversed.

To find out more about Equity members' views and experiences of the training they have had through the funding provided by the Union Learning Fund here are some case studies

Equity and the other Federation of Entertainment Unions along with the TUC and trade unions across the country are calling on government to continue the Union Learning Fund.  Read the full statement from Equity and the other entertainment industry unions here 

The FEU General Secretaries  have today (October 19th) written to the Secretary of State for Education.  Read the letter here  

How you can help - four things

1) Sign the petition

2) Share the petition link on your social media and raise awareness, here's an example of a post you could use:

The govt's plans to cut the Union Learning Fund will shut down @feutraining and creative workers will miss out on skills and training. The government must reverse its decision immediately. #SaveUnionLearning Sign the petition.

and please put the petition link out via your facebook account

3) Write to your MP asking them to lobby the government to save this vital training project. Use this template letter 
 Find your MP's contact details at

4) Share your experience. If you have benefitted from FEU Training share your experience via

Thank you.