Equity statement on allegations against Noel Clarke

In response to the allegations released yesterday by the Guardian against Noel Clarke, Equity's General Secretary Paul W Fleming has released the following statement:

"The allegations against Noel Clarke are phenomenally serious, and warrant investigation and treatment not just by BAFTA but by the producers on whose watch the alleged offences occurred. An environment where women, or any who suffer bullying, abuse or harassment are unable to come forward is one where those with power in our industry have singularly failed in their moral, and often legal duties of care.

"Equity’s strong position on meaningful and accessible Dignity at Work policies puts the obligations squarely where they sit: on producers and engagers to create and defend workplaces which are safe spaces. Those who perpetrate structural inequality in society will continue to exist, but an industry in which they can survive and thrive can be changed if those with power have the will to do so."