Voting and Manifesto Asks, England Local and Metro Elections 2021

Equity has released a list of manifesto asks ahead of the elections scheduled to take place in England on 6 May 2021, including local council, metro and London Assembly elections.

Equity isn’t affiliated to any political party, but we believe it is crucial that our members vote and have their voices heard. In the coming weeks we will be calling on all political parties to protect and promote the creative sector and the workers in our industries, particularly in the context of Brexit and the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. You can read our manifesto asks below.

It is essential that you are registered to vote: You can register to vote at

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If you wish to apply for a postal vote for the elections on 6 May 2021, the deadline for application is Tuesday 20 April 2021 at 5pm, and must have registered to vote by midnight on Monday 19 April.


  • Support the introduction of a Basic Income Guarantee providing creative workers with the financial stability to remain in the sector post pandemic, and ensure that they are free to take work when it arises without fear of losing other forms of support and protection.

  • Stop cuts to local authority arts budgets and restore lost local authority arts departments. Campaign for arts spending to become a statutory requirement for all local authorities.

  • Recognise that funding for cultural organisations and events can and should come from multiple departments’ budgets, showing the role the arts play in education, youth services, social care, regeneration, parks, libraries, and public health.

  • Provide free or affordable spaces for creative workers including artists, variety performers, circus entertainers, musicians, and theatre performers in your borough.

  • Ensure that planning policies place value on cultural spaces and community pubs, clubs and other venues providing work for entertainers.

  • Establish meetings specifically aimed at people working in the creative industries in your borough, chaired by the relevant Council cabinet member/committee chair.

  • Ensure that all spending on culture and entertainment in your borough is conditional on the use of industry standard union terms and conditions.

  • Allocate funding for live performance in public spaces, in care homes and throughout the community in your borough

  • Attract film, television and new media jobs to your borough and make sure that producers create jobs which are available to local creative workers, including by running local castings and recruitment

  • Advocate for a creative visa and work permit regime to enable creative workers in your borough can access opportunities in the EU.

Equity has also released manifestos ahead of the upcoming elections in Scotland and Wales.

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