Equity and Spotlight issue joint statement

Equity and Spotlight have announced their commitment to working together to improve opportunities for Deaf and disabled creatives as a priority for 2021.

During last year mistakes were made in the lead up to the launch of Spotlight's new disability features, which is a matter of deep regret. Since November both Equity and Spotlight have been in discussion and reflected on what went wrong.

Spotlight accepted responsibility for the problematic formatting of a feature designed to help Deaf and disabled artists in the casting process and both organisations accept that the project, which had initially arisen as a request from Equity, had the best of intentions.

The outcome of recent discussions is that we agree this incident should not derail the urgent work needed to improve accessibility in this industry. We are determined to redouble our efforts during this year to develop a better approach that achieves fairness and equality for members of the Deaf and disabled creative community.