Equity responds to Prime Minister's latest Covid press conference

Equity General Secretary Paul W Fleming has responded to the Prime Minister's announcement today, confirming the relaxation of lockdown restrictions in England:

"Today’s announcement is a veneer of order atop a sea of chaos. The government is privatising public health decisions by pushing them onto producers, venues, and working people. There’s no word on insurances for theatre and live entertainment, and no meaningful guidance as to what a new testing and isolation regime should mean.

"Businessmen can now fly in and out of the UK unfettered, but British creatives working abroad can't. There’s no word on extending SEISS - which barely covered the creative workforce.

"There’s no confidence that future lockdowns won’t happen and no strategy to engage the Unions - or even the bosses - to figure out a backup plan.

"The pandemic of precarity is set to get worse, Equity wants to deal with it - does Dowden?​"