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Listen to our new podcast for candid conversations about the big issues facing performers and creative workers right now. Host Jackie Clune talks to fellow Equity members about their experiences and how, together as a union, we're fighting to make positive change in the industry. Join us for personal stories, lively chat and a little laughter in the virtual green room.

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Episode 1: Safe Spaces - harassment, bullying and assault in the creative industries

Too often, creative workers - especially women - experience harassment at work or on their commutes. What do recent moves to safeguard workers in the night time economy do to help protect Equity members from harassment? Is the problem actually more pressing in the workplace? Jackie Clune talks to Equity members and staff about their experiences of the issues - and what can be done to make the industry safer. We also hear about Equity's current campaigns including the Safe Spaces campaign amidst recent calls to make work safer - for everyone. 

With guests:

  • Charlotte Bence, Equity's Industrial Official - Theatre
  • Maureen Beattie, Equity President
  • Elaine Stirrat, actor, co-founder of Persistent and Nasty and Equity Glasgow General Branch Chair​
  • Zainab Hasan, actor and activist
  • ​Dame Harriet Walter, actor​
  • Hywel Morgan, actor and activist

Contains strong language.

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Getting help

Rape Crisis provides a support service for women who have experienced sexual violence. Survivors UK supports men who have experienced rape and sexual abuse.

If anything at all makes you feel uneasy at work, talk to a specialist member of staff at Equity on 020 7379 6000. We're here to help. If you, or someone else, are in immediate danger call 999.

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