Equity reacts to BBC moving some operations out of London

In response to today's news that the BBC is to move some of its key departments and staff outside London, Equity General Secretary Paul W Fleming has issued the following statement.

“The headlines of the BBC announcement are good news for Equity and its members, and it was incredibly positive to meet with the BBC this morning about these proposals. It’s clear that Equity’s lobbying to have most of the BBC’s work produced outside of London has paid off - and commitments to cast local talent in these productions could well resolve the historic unjust imbalance between London and the nations and regions.

"However, it cannot be a case of a reducing number of jobs being produced outside of London - it has to be quality work from a stable BBC, with growing opportunities for members wherever they live. We expect our members, wherever they are, to be on the world leading terms and conditions we fight for.

"Our working party of active members is looking at Equity’s vision for a BBC that is funded and governed in a way which means that it can be not only the best broadcaster, but the best engager and producer in the world. We’re looking forward to that vision supporting the positive news from today’s announcement.”