Equity staff Unite Group statement

At Equity, staff are represented by Unite the Union. Every single member of staff who is not a member of the Secretariat is a member of our Unite Group, and together we elect members of our group to represent us in discussions with our management about issues that directly concern us. One of those issues was the recent restructuring at Equity.

In January of this year, an anonymous email purporting to be from a group of Equity staff was sent to various Equity members on Council and other members occupying leadership positions on certain committees and in branches. At the time, the Unite Group wrote to the General Secretary, the President and Officers to denounce this email as not representing the position of the staff. We said then, and we repeat now, that the correct method to conduct industrial relations within Equity is for the representatives of the staff’s recognised trade union to negotiate with management. Our own terms and conditions of employment are confidential to us and are not a matter for the wider membership to be involved with.

A second email from this account was distributed from Wednesday 10th March. This email, just like the first one, contained numerous errors of fact about our terms and conditions of employment, as well as inaccuracies around the recent restructuring being presented as fact. In addition, our only woman staff union representative was singled out quite unfairly for criticism.  

This email has been shared on social media by a small number of people who are presenting it as verifiable fact, even though it is both inaccurate and anonymous. None of the concerns raised in the email have been expressed to Equity management through the Unite Group or through our own Officials at Unite the Union.

Equity staff unanimously reject this email. It undermines us as a staff group, it damages the work we undertake on members’ behalf and it undermines Equity as a whole. We do not negotiate through social media or anonymously.

We invite the author/s of the email to contact the staff reps. We are prepared to discuss their concerns whilst correcting the inaccuracies, half-truths and untruths they have presented as fact.  

We collectively deplore this attempt to interfere with the internal industrial relation of Equity and urge anyone who comes across this email to ignore it.

Ian Bayes

Charlotte Bence

Simon Curtis

Paul Liversey

On behalf of the Unite Group of Equity staff ​