The Show Can’t Go On: Rally to campaign for basic income guarantee for creative workers

 On the anniversary of the 2020 closure of live performance Equity is holding a virtual rally to highlight the devastating impact of Covid-19 on our members and launching a campaign for a basic income guarantee for creative workers.

Starting at 18.00 on 16 March, The Show Can’t Go On rally will spotlight the effects of the last year on the performing arts and entertainment workforce through the voices of our members, with a panel of speakers drawn from across Equity’s industries, professions, nations and regions.

The event will also launch Equity’s campaign for a basic income guarantee for creative workers, urgently needed to protect workers against crises and ensure that everyone can stay in the industry during turbulent times – not just those with the financial backing and security to do so.

Before the rally begins, to ensure as many different voices are heard as possible,   throughout the day of 16 March Equity and union activists will be sharing the testimonies of members been badly affected by the closure of live performance on social media under #TheShowCantGoOn.

For our industry to recover from this crisis, our members need meaningful and reliable financial support. Without a basic income guarantee for creative workers, the show can’t go on.

You can join the rally on 16 March on the YouTube event, or access the stream from 18.00 on Equity’s main Facebook or Twitter pages.