We stand in solidarity with Ace Ruele

As Equity activists and members of the Race Equality Committee (REC) we stand in solidarity with our fellow professional, Ace Ruele, currently facing deportation from the UK to Jamaica.

Ace has fallen foul of the UK’s draconian, racist immigration system. His case bears all of the hallmarks of yet another scandalous decision towards descendants of the Windrush era generation. Despite early setbacks in his life, Ruele has gone to build a strong, professional career and works on a voluntary basis, including with the Metropolitan Police, to engage with young people to help them avoid criminality and social exclusion.

The risk of deportation threatens to destroy the life that Ruele has made in the UK with his partner and three young children. Ace cannot be deported to Jamaica as he has no citizenship rights there, as he was born and raised in the UK.

We demand that the Home Office reviews its decision, and call on Equity members, activists and branches to send messages of support to Ace to help prove that he is one of us, and has the right to live and work in the UK.