Supporting SOLT and UK Theatre’s 10 Principles for safe spaces

Today SOLT and UK Theatre have released an updated version of their 10 Principles for creating safe and inclusive working spaces in the theatre industry, to prevent and challenge bullying, harassment and discrimination.

We at Equity along with 20 other leading industry trade bodies, membership organisations, unions and members of AAPTLE, support these Principles.

Equity encourages all theatre employers and Board trustees and directors to adopt these principles and download this free A3 poster and display it in your offices, rehearsal rooms and backstage areas.

At Equity’s Special Representative Conference a motion was passed unanimously that “asks that all steps are taken to ensure that, in the rehearsal period, all ways are explored with the producers to make sure these (Dignity at Work) policies are meaningfully communicated, stressing their importance, and that all of the company are aware of who to and how to report any infringement that they experience or witness”.

Hilary Hadley, Assistant General Secretary, Live Performance says: “This is a welcome further initiative that Equity is happy to support and promote. The industry needs to continually make efforts to ensure that these principles and policies are not just words on the page. Many Producers are actively doing this and developing best practice. Equity will continue to press until this is all Producers in the theatre industry.”