We urge the government to get UK creatives back on tour in Europe

Equity General Secretary Paul W Fleming has joined 1,600 creatives calling on new Secretary of State for DCMS, Nadine Dorries MP, to help get the creative industries ‘back on tour’. The creative industry representatives signed an open letter calling on Dorries to make this her ‘first order of business’ as she took office.

The letter, coordinated by campaign group ‘Carry on Touring’, calls on the Government to fix the post-Brexit barriers preventing UK creatives being able to tour in Europe – including additional costs and red tape.

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"The shopfront of touring is critical"

Equity General Secretary, Paul W Fleming says “As British theatre producers look at ways to stimulate the return of a global audience to the UK, the shopfront of touring is critical. The power of British live performance, too, relies on international cultural exchange - especially in dance, music and opera. If we can’t carry on touring, the global strength of live performance in the UK and abroad will be in peril.”

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