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28 April 2022

On Thursday 5 May local elections will be taking place across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is an opportunity for registered voters across the UK to have their say about important decisions facing our communities, such as housing and transport, and crucially who should represent you in government.

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12 April 2022

Ensuring Equity members can access adequate financial help through the social security system is a key priority for the union, especially with the current cost of living crisis. Thanks to the tireless work of our tax and welfare team, the Department for Work and Pensions has accepted that the minimum income floor has been wrongly applied to some members.

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05 April 2022

We extend our full solidarity to all those impacted by the closure of The Academy of Live and Performing Arts (ALRA) including students, staff and the members of the creative workforce engaged by the institution. This will come as a devastating shock to students, who have already faced disruption to their studies throughout the pandemic, and now face yet more uncertainty. Members of the creative workforce receive this news of loss of income amidst an unprecedented fall in living standards and rising costs of living.

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03 May 2022

Equity members working on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella were told on Sunday 1 May that the show will end on 12 June. Not only was the news shared on a Sunday before a bank holiday – meaning those affected could not contact their agent for support – but we understand that some cast members and stage management heard the news first through social media or the press. This is unacceptable - all creative workers deserve to be treated with dignity at work.

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07 March 2022

As the International Committee for Artists’ Freedom (ICAF) within Equity, our work is to help overseas artists who face persecution, censorship and threats to their safety and lives. For almost 50 years we have directly supported and stood in solidarity with artists internationally: from Myanmar to Afghanistan, Colombia and Belarus. Today, we also stand with Ukraine.

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