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23 February 2022

The Scottish Government announced changes to Covid restrictions in Scotland on 22 February. See changes announced for Scotland in Living safely with Covid - (

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21 February 2022

Equity is extremely concerned with the Government’s plan to prematurely end the legal requirement for self-isolation, at a time when performances in theatres are still being cancelled due to sickness both front and backstage. Cancellation of performances damages box office recovery, audience confidence and, in turn, substantially affects the income of our members who have already suffered considerably during the pandemic. We are particularly concerned about the welfare of our clinically vulnerable members, for whom the virus still poses a very real threat to life and health.

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20 February 2022

Covid-19 restrictions in Northern Ireland are no longer legally binding. The restrictions were due to expire on 24 March, but the health minister made an order on 15 February revoking the restrictions.

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17 February 2022

Last week the Government rushed through Parliament a major change to Universal Credit that could unfairly affect our members and creative practitioners. Under the changed rules, new claimants now have just four weeks to look for their usual line of work instead of three months. After this period, claimants will be forced to look for work outside of their preferred occupation or sector and those who do not comply could find their benefit suspended for periods of up to 26 weeks. Please read our updated advice page for more information. This is the latest move by the government that risks pushing many Equity members into financial hardship and reforming Universal Credit (UC) remains a priority for the union following our last campaigning update (October 2020).

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01 February 2022

Understudies, swings and covers were fittingly thrust into the limelight at The Stage Awards on Monday 31 January, when they received the publication’s Unsung Hero Award. The award was an acknowledgement of the important, yet often overlooked, role covers play in keeping the live performance industry running – especially in light of the unprecedented number of cast absences, cancellations and suspensions endured by shows over the pandemic.

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03 May 2022

Equity members working on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella were told on Sunday 1 May that the show will end on 12 June. Not only was the news shared on a Sunday before a bank holiday – meaning those affected could not contact their agent for support – but we understand that some cast members and stage management heard the news first through social media or the press. This is unacceptable - all creative workers deserve to be treated with dignity at work.

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07 March 2022

As the International Committee for Artists’ Freedom (ICAF) within Equity, our work is to help overseas artists who face persecution, censorship and threats to their safety and lives. For almost 50 years we have directly supported and stood in solidarity with artists internationally: from Myanmar to Afghanistan, Colombia and Belarus. Today, we also stand with Ukraine.

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01 March 2022

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have sent messages of solidarity and offers of help to performers and artists in the country and those affiliated with it. On 24 February, Equity General Secretary Paul W Fleming wrote to the President of the Cultural Workers of Ukraine, Lyudmyla Perelygina. The letter includes an offer to support their members wherever we can, whether directly or through campaigning and lobbying.

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