Election Results: President, Council, Appeals Committee and Standing Orders Committee for 2022-24

Equity has elected its President, Council, Appeals Committee and Standing Orders Committee for the 2022-2024 term, with Lynda Rooke elected to serve as Equity's President for the first time.


A total of 3,359 votes were cast, representing 7.4% of the Equity membership.


Lynda Rooke, newly elected as President, said: “It is an honour not only to be elected President of Equity but to serve alongside a renewed, progressive Council. Together we will prioritise better pay and dignity at work for our members and raise Equity’s profile further in the wider fight for social justice.”


Maureen Beattie, the outgoing President, said: “I am beyond thrilled with the results of Equity's election for President and Council. I look forward to great things as the Union's ruling body builds on the achievements of the past few years led by the frankly magnificent Lynda Rooke."


Paul W Fleming, General Secretary, said: “Equity members have again chosen an exciting, progressive Council, dedicated to ensuring we continue to be a strong union. Our thanks goes to those losing candidates who campaigned with positivity and in pursuit of progressive values. We need your ideas and continued dedication to building a union ready to fight those who would tear us down. Finally, we would not have emerged from the pandemic with such a strong, progressive direction without the efforts of our outgoing Council and Officers. In particular our incredible President Maureen Beattie, who has been the heart and voice of the union through unprecedented change and turmoil over the last four years. I could not have achieved anything without her support, or that of our outgoing Honorary Treasurer Bryn Evans – two people I am proud to call comrades and friends.”


The results of the election are as follows. For the full results, please see the Independent Scrutineer's Report.


The Equity President elected for 2022-2024 is:

Lynda Rooke


The Council 2022-2024 is:

Jassa Ahluwalia

Joseph Ballard

Sean Biggerstaff

Victoria Brazier

Jo Cameron Brown

Julia Carson Sims

Di Christian

Jackie Clune

Lizzie Cooper

Tonia Daley-Campbell

Dan de la Motte

Dan Edge

Rachael Fagan

Nick Fletcher

Trevor Fox

Shenagh Govan

Graham Hamilton

Zainab Hasan

Maureen Hibbert

David John

Mary Lane

Eva Lorraine

Kerry Kyriacos Michael

Leila Mimmack

Helen Monks

Hywel Morgan

Louis Rolston

Genevieve Say

Sam Swann

Paul Valentine

Annie Wallace

Louie Whitemore

Jack Wilkinson

The Appeals Committee 2022-2024 is:

Tigger Blaize

John Carnegie

Julie Cheung-Inhin

Su Gilroy

Nana St Bartholomew-Brown

The directly elected members of the Standing Orders Committee 2022-2024 are:

Ian Barritt

Laurence Bouvard

Su Gilroy

Isabella Jarrett

Nana St Bartholomew-Brown