Equity agrees a code of conduct with the new wrestling promotion Colosseum Wrestling

We have recently agreed a code of conduct with new wrestling promotion Colosseum Wrestling. The code sets a standard for workplace conditions, ensuring our members and all wrestlers working with Colosseum have a safe, decent and professional working environment. This is the latest in a number of Codes of Conduct that have been agreed between the union and UK based wrestling promotions.

Equity Organiser Stephen Duncan-Rice says: "It is hugely encouraging to see a new promotion like Colosseum offering union recognition and agreeing to put in place systems to ensure a professional and decent working environment for their talent. We all appreciate there is a long way to go for the UK wrestling scene, but with new promotions such as Colosseum setting the right tone from their inception, I am hopeful the industry is on the right path." 

Colosseum says: "We are delighted to announce that Colosseum will have a working relationship with Equity from our inaugural show onwards. From the very beginning when we were laying the foundations of our company, we have always prioritised valuing the talent that we choose to collaborate with. Whether it be to provide a space for an open dialogue to ensure that everyone involved in our events will be paid to a respectable standard, importance will always be placed on creating a healthy environment that we can be proud to work within and we are sure that working with Equity will help us in achieving this."

We will continue to work with professional wrestlers, to ensure better work place conditions and to give those who work within this exciting sector of our industry a voice. Union membership not only provides collective support, contract and legal services but also accident, public liability and backstage insurance coverage.  Contact wrestling@equity.org.uk for further information.