Equity ICAF: We’re pledging up to £10,000 to help artists affected by the war in Ukraine

Equity’s International Committee for Artists’ Freedom (ICAF) are pledging up to £10,000 to help artists affected by the war in Ukraine. ICAF have issued the following statement. 

Statement from Equity's International Committee for Artists’ Freedom (ICAF)

"As the International Committee for Artists’ Freedom within Equity, our work is to help overseas artists who face persecution, censorship and threats to their safety and lives. For almost 50 years we have directly supported and stood in solidarity with artists internationally: from Myanmar to Afghanistan, Colombia and Belarus. Today, we also stand with Ukraine.

With hundreds dead or wounded (according to official figures, although this is likely to be much higher) and almost two million displaced, the Russian invasion has already had a far-reaching and devastating effect on the people of Ukraine, including artists. With Putin showing no signs of heeding international condemnation and withdrawing Russian troops, these numbers are likely to rise and the EU estimates that up to four million people may try to leave Ukraine.

So we are pledging up to £10,000 to help those we can – artists in or fleeing Ukraine who require support such as food, shelter, immigration advice and more. As artists ourselves, we know that there is so much that unites us all – from the humanity we endeavour to portray in our work to the freedom of expression that upholds it – and we stand ready to use our knowledge and resources to help fellow cultural workers in need.

We also aim to help those artists in Russia who face persecution for speaking out against the actions of Putin and the Russian government. As the arrests of thousands of protestors has shown, the freedom and safety of ordinary Russians who are critical of this appalling conflict are at risk too.

We will always stand with artists and working people whose rights to expression are under threat or where they suffer social injustice."

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