Incorporating the Variety Artistes' Federation
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For Agents

Equity and agents work closely together in a range of different ways.Through our negotiating the industry framework of employment terms and conditions for performers and creative personnel, agents have a firm bedrock from which to discuss the needs of their individual clients. We are contacted by agencies every day about rights, royalties, injuries and other matters and we are delighted to help if their client is an Equity member. We consult with agencies on some industry issues and campaigns and we work together on areas of common interest.

We have positive relationships with the Agents Association, the Personal Managers' Association and the Co-operative Personal Management Association, and all work to encourage good practice, professionalism and fair treatment of artists. Members and student members can get a copy of our Agency Code of Conduct and guidelines about signing with an agent in their member resources.

Agencies encourage their clients to be part of the union as they recognise the value of Equity generally and as a source of  practical support for their clients who may need legal help, tax advice, medical help or other things which are outside the usual work of an agency.

We aim to support agencies through our Industry Information Service to ensure that they have the most up-to-date information about rates of pay, royalties, rights and everything else that Equity negotiates.

We also support members who may get into contractual difficulties with an agency, booker, promoter or employer and if this is your situation please contact your nearest Equity office.