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Health and Safety

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Theatres, clubs, studios, sets, locations, festival sites and other performance spaces can be hazardous places to work.

Employers, producers and venue owners have a legal responsibility for ensuring workplaces are safe.   Equity members also have a legal duty to take care of themselves and others and to co-operate with any steps the employer, producer, venue owner takes to minimise risks.

All Equity Organisers are roving Health and Safety Inspectors under UK Health and Safety legislation, together with Musician Union Officials, and as such have automatic right of access to any workplace where there is a health and safety issue.

A high number of  legal claims taken on by Equity on behalf of members concern accidents at work that should not have happened.  If the accident is the result of employer negligence we will do everything possible, including taking legal action,  to ensure the member is treated properly.

We continually monitor health and safety legislation and provide guidelines for all members. Through our work as part of the  Broadcasting and Performing Arts Joint Advisory Committee (BJAC) which was set up by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 1991, and includes representatives from employers, there are a number of useful factsheets for anybody working in the industry. Through our work with the Theatre Safety Committee which also includes employers we have other factsheets available. 

The union is also very involved in the Joint Industry Stunt Committee (JISC) and the TUC Health and Safety Committee. At the union's Annual Representative Conference health and safety is always on the agenda as it is for all the union's committees.

As you can see, we take H & S very seriously, as do all responsible employers, venue owners,  mangements and artists.