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Outdoor Touring Guidelines

For decades, the outdoor touring sector has been divided between responsible managers, treating artists with respect and respecting industry standards, and those who undercut their competitors through poor employment practices – some of them even illegal.

In 2010 Equity launched our Outdoor Touring Guidelines to take a stand against poor terms and conditions in this growing area of work. Although not a full Equity agreement, the guidelines act as a stamp to say that the companies signed up meet minimum legal and industry standards and are committed to engaging with the artists they employ to better their terms and conditions and strengthen the sector.

There is no guarantee that a company not on our official list does not engage in bad practice in the sector which includes:

  • Non-payment of the National Minimum Wage
  • Non-payment of holiday pay
  • Failure to observe the working time regulations and provide adequate breaks
  • Providing sub-standard accommodation (sometimes outdoors in tents or barns)
  • Non- payment of subsistence and touring allowance
  • No proper health and safety and risk assessments
  • Inadequate insurance for their company

Whereas these guideline compliant companies:

  • Pay at least the Equity Exceptional Minimum (£339.50 per week in 2014)
  • Pay holiday pay
  • Meet industry standard breaks and working time
  • Provide written contracts
  • Have working time encompassing all called time (including travel, costume fittings, get ins and set ups), ensuring safe travel and adequate breaks
  • Provide proper accommodation
  • Have employers’ liability insurance
  • Have made proper health and safety risk policies

I’m a venue – Why should I use companies compliant with Equity’s guidelines?

I’m a member – How do I benefit from the guidelines?

Whether member or venue, simply ask:
If you’re not using Equity’s guidelines for outdoor touring; why not? The more companies who sign up, the more pressure that is put on bad producers to live up to their obligations as an employer, the better our sector becomes and the higher the quality of productions become.
Let’s stand together for our sector.