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Welcome to Equity's area for singers


Equity is the union that represents singers.
We provide the most lucrative contracts for this complex sector, advise on recording contracts and give you legal support

The work of a singer can cover many different areas, from session recordings to television, film, and theatrical engagements or live gigs in clubs or cruise ships. Equity can offer guideline rates for all these types of work and ensures your rights are protected. Forging a career as a singer can be tough and can feel isolating at times.

By joining Equity you are becoming part of an organisation that understands the stresses of a performer’s life and provides many benefits to support you. For example, Equity provides you with industry contracts specifically designed for singers, membership entitles you to £10m of public liability cover and the union will also provide you with contract and legal advice.

You will also be connected to other performers through the Singers’ Committee, which contains members with a wealth of experience and advice.

What should I get paid?
If you are unsure about what you should get paid for an engagement, membership of Equity means you will get access to the latest details. We publish the Singers’ Rate Card which covers all the rates across the industry. There are rates listed for:

  • Pop and classical session recordings
  • Classical public concerts
  • Opera
  • Theatre engagements
  • Televison and film sessions
  • Television and radio commercial engagements

Dame Shirley Bassey believes it's vital to join

Dame Shirley Bassey“I have been an Equity member for many years. Not only is it comforting to know that they are there in the unlikely event of needing the union’s assistance but to be part of this great community of entertainers, supporting each other and improving our industry is a special feeling. I would urge all singers to join Equity, and help ensure that performers remain at the heart of the creative process.”


Opera star SirJohn Tomlinson supports Equity

Sir John Tomlinson“It’s very important that artists should stick together; it’s a wonderful profession and we need to believe in its future and support it. Being a member of Equity comes with many benefits but I think the greatest is that you are showing support for your fellow artists and the industry itself.”


Tina MaySinger Tina May is a proud member of the union

"I am proud to have been a member of Equity since the early 1980s. Equity has a strong membership and is absolutely the best union to represent singers of all styles. It has branches throughout the UK and a very pro-active ethos. Your needs and best interests as a Singer/Artist within the entertainment industry are of paramount importance. Equity is held with great respect within the industry and boasts the membership of very talented professionals. As a union it is unsurpassed   and an ideal choice for representing you."


For more information contact Tim Gale on or 020 7670 0245