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Welcome to Equity's film area


Being an Equity member is about being part of a collective force which is looking out for you. Since the 1940s we have driven the progression of performers’ professional rights in feature film and continue to be your voice in today’s digital age

Equity is proud to have secured some of the best terms in the global industry including minimum wages and working conditions and the right to fair compensation for the use of your performance. These are just some of the advantages of being part of Equity when working in film:

Minimum rates & terms
Our Cinema Films Agreement does more than make sure you get paid a fair wage; it ensures that you are protected every time you are on set. We’ve got rules covering health and safety, work hours and breaks, travel, nudity, and performers’ rights.

World's End

Payment protection
All Equity contracts ensure that your fee, or at the very least a significant portion of it, is secure. In the unlikely event that an Equity production collapses or runs into financial issues you can rest easy in the knowledge that your fees are protected.

Secondary payments
Equity recognises that our members’ performances are central to the success of a feature film. That’s why Equity’s Cinema Films Agreement includes provision for Equity artists to participate in a film’s ongoing commercial profitability through payment of either a royalty (a percentage of gross receipts after the expiration of defined pre-purchased periods) or a net profit share reported through an independent collection management company. The structure ensures that, where a film is successful, you are rewarded financially for the significant part you play in contributing to that success. A Little Chaos

Contract enforcement
Equity tirelessly monitors, chases and scrutinises feature film reporting and enforces unpaid royalties/ net profit share. Equity also initiates audits on your behalf. Through this work we enforce millions of pounds on your behalf every year.

Insurance & Pension
Equity members have up to £10 million in Public Liability Insurance and are protected by our Personal Accident Insurance for work injuries. Companies using the Equity Cinema Films Agreement will make a contribution to your Equity pension.

Legal, Tax and Welfare 
Equity provides free legal advice and support in disputes over professional engagements including contracts, copyright and personal injury claims. We also offer advice on national insurance, tax, welfare benefits and pensions.

Sir Ben Kingsley“Acting in film is about using your individual skills as part of a collective creative process. Being part of Equity is similar. The union plays a vital role in our industry. It negotiates and maintains the framework terms and conditions that actors work within. We need each other.”
Sir Ben Kingsley

Find out more:
Contact Equity’s Film Organiser Laura Messenger: or 020 7670 0249.