We're setting the standard for decent pay and conditions in videogames, from hours to safety to the use of AI. If you're a performer, use our guidance to protect yourself at work. If you’re a videogames company, work with us to lead the change in the industry.

Videogames performers deserve fair pay, safe workplaces and control over their work.

The videogames industry is a dynamic place to work but unethical practices undermine the profession. Pay for UK performers has stagnated despite games being a multibillion-dollar industry with almost £200 million in tax breaks. Performers don't have the protections they need in the unregulated world of AI, the misuse of NDAs is common and health and safety is often lacking. 

This has to change.

As the trade union for videogames performers, we are calling on the industry to adopt our best practice guidelines so that every performer has the right to:

  1. Fair pay reflecting industry standards around the world and the enormous wealth generated by this multi-billion-pound industry. See our recommended rates.
  2. Informed consent, compensation and control over the way their work is used to create digital replicas and/or train AI systems. 
  3. Safe, inclusive workplaces, which ensure equal access to work, vocal stress protections for voice actors and informed consent, particularly when it comes to safety for on-camera performers.
  4. Non-Disclosure Agreements that are clear, legal, enforceable, fair, proportionate and targeted.
  5. Work under an Equity contract that is negotiated and approved by performers' trade union.

Videogames company? We want to work together to raise the standards in the industry. Contact us on for appropriate contracts and to discuss our best practice guidelines.

Performer? If you're a performer, use our guidelines and recommended rates to demand decent pay and conditions in your videogames contract. Join our videogames network to push for change in the industry.

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