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With Equity you're never alone, even if you perform solo.

There is power in a union

As well as the bargaining power that comes with working with 47,000 members to improve pay and conditions for everyone in the entertainment industry, you can feel confident knowing you're always protected at work — or while looking for work — with insurance, legal advice, representation, guidance, support and counselling.

Plus, a whole heap of benefits and discounts to enjoy.

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You're covered for insurance

Public Liability Insurance: all members are covered up to £10 million.

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Rates and Agreement access

Equity staff and members work together to continually improve Equity agreed rates of pay and conditions. As a member, you can both have a say in those negotiations and have fast access to full contracts, rates of pay, agreements and templates.

Free legal advice and 24 hr helpline, as well as access to cradle-to-grave legal services and benefits as well as support and representation in disputes over work, contracts and personal injury claims


From IMDb Pro, to parking and theatre tickets to yoga classes, Equity membership gives you access to a whole host of discounts.

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Workplace support, advice and guidance

From support, guidance and representation if you're being bullied or harrassed, to workplace visits and information and advice on best practice and fair process at work your union is here for you.


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Financial benefits

A range from financial benefits - from our specialist tax and welfare advice and Social Security and Tax Helpline, to access to grants from the Equity Benevolent Fund if you're facing financial hardship and the Evelyn Norris Trust which provides support towards rest, recuperation and convalescence. 


The Equity Pension Scheme is available to all members, regardless of your occupation, and if you're working on an Equity contract, you could get your employer to contribute.

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Equity Card and Name

Your Equity card and name are widely recognized symbols of your professional status. You will also receive our Award-winning Equity magazine twice a year and annual diary (Honourary Withdrawal members do not receive a diary).

Professional development

As a member of Equity you can access free training through the Federation of Entertainment Unions.

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