The Equity Pension Scheme helps you prepare for your future


Launched in 1997, the Equity Pension Scheme is available to all our members, regardless of your occupation. 

If you're working under an Equity agreed contract, you could get your employer to contribute to your EPS.

Contracts that currently apply: BBC, ITV, PACT & TAC, SOLT, UK Theatre - Commercial, UK Theatre - Sub Rep, RSC, RNT, Walt Disney, ITC, plus a number of other in-house arrangements.

When you join Equity, you're not automatically enrolled into the EPS: You must choose to join.

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Greening your Equity pension

Are you concerned about the climate crisis? Do you have an Equity pension? Did you know that “greening” your pension is 21 times more powerful than giving up flying and going vegan combined?

This is how you can take action.

How to green your Equity pension