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Be an Equity Deputy

Equity Deputies are the union’s workplace representatives.

Deputies (or deps) are members of Equity elected by the rest of the company or to represent them.  

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Equity members and deputies protesting cuts to ENO funding

What do Deputies do?

Deputies play a key role in building Equity’s industrial power Our industrial power is strength in numbers. It enables us to bargain for better pay, terms and conditions collectively as a group.

  • Deputies encourage others in their company to become members. Or, if they’re already members, to become more active in Equity’s work to collectively improve the industry for everyone.
  • You will be Equity staff’s first point of contact for any information we need to share with members in your workplace.
  • Members may come to you in the first instance with problems or queries. Your Equity Official will be on hand to support you with this.

How do I become an Equity Deputy?

To become an Equity Deputy, you need to be elected by the other Equity members in your workplace. It’s best to elect a Deputy as early as possible, so that they are in place if members encounter any issues. Also, so that Equity staff can send any important updates to you.

Often the Equity Deputy is elected during the Equity visit. However, you don’t need to wait for us to visit you to elect your dep! Equity members in your workplace are welcome to elect a Deputy at any time and you can email us on to let us know who has been elected.

Top tips for new Equity deputies

Your Equity Official will be on hand to answer any questions and support you in your role. You can also download top tips for new Equity Deputies, written by an Equity Deputy working in the West End.

What about the creative team?

Members of the creative team work on different agreements to performers and stage management. They therefore do not elect deputies to represent them, but instead can access support from the union in different ways.

Equity’s Directors and Designers Committee are always on hand to support creatives who need initial advice or information about the union. Find their details on the Directors and Designers Committee page and follow them on Twitter You can also sign up to receive their monthly newsletter.

If you’d prefer to speak to an Equity Official, please contact Charlotte Bence.

Directors and Designers Committee

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