Cradle-to-grave legal services for members

Legal Support

One of Equity’s longest standing professional relationships has been with law firm Pattinson & Brewer (often referred to as ‘P&B’).  P&B have worked to protect Equity members since our founding in 1930, and we are proud to launch a renewed and expanded set of legal services with P&B, which for the first time means Equity will provide a fully ‘cradle to grave’ set of legal services and benefits for members and their families.

The following legal services and benefits are now available to all Equity members: 

Personal Injury

Personal Injury claims for you and your close family members at no cost to you, whether you win or lose, whether they happen at work or elsewhere.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

Whether you are a driver, passenger or pedestrian – and this service also covers your close family members).

Medical Negligence

Medical negligence claims for you and your close family, at no cost to you in most cases, also covering your close family members.

Free 'Simple Will'

A free of charge ‘simple will’, as well as advice and significantly reduced costs for more complex arrangements


Substantially discounted rates for property related matters, including conveyancing.

Probate Services

Substantially discounted rates for probate services

Family matters

Substantially discounted rates for family related matters including divorce and child care issues

Defamation and Criminal Matters

Substantial reductions on other services, including defamation, and criminal matters

Free Legal Advice

Initial free legal advice about any other matter; all members can speak to one of P&B’s lawyers for free (limited to a 30 minute call), and P&B will do all they can to offer a discounted service with any support they offer.

To access these services call our new 24/7 legal line on 0800 808 5510 or contact Pattinson & Brewer via email.

Important: Matters relating to employment, contracts, agents, or other work related issues should be referred to Equity directly through the relevant department or national/regional office, with P&B continuing to be an integral part of providing us with legal support where necessary.

Contact your Equity official now.

Trade union law firms like Pattinson & Brewer are cornerstones of our movement, and having been our solicitors almost continuously since 1930, it’s long overdue that Equity members are able to benefit from a comprehensive package for themselves and their families to navigate not just our industries but a wider world often stacked against working people.

Know your rights

Get to know your rights at work and your right to equal treatment.

Know your rights

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