Workplace rights and your right to equal treatment

Know your rights

Find out about your rights in the workplace, your right to freedom from discrimination and your right to rest.

You can also find industry specific advice and best practice guides on this page, including for the audio and comedy sector. Plus find out what to do if you have a grievance or disciplinary. 

If you’re looking for the terms and conditions in an Equity contract, visit our rates and agreements page.

Equity rates and agreements

General workplace advice and rights


What to check for when signing with an agent

AI Toolkit

Everything you need to know about AI and work in the arts and entertainment industry

Holiday pay

The right to rest: Your right to holiday pay and how to calculate it.

Industry specific advice

Audio Info Hub

Everything you need to know about working as an Audio Artist and your trade union

Comedian's charter

This Charter was developed by the Equity Comedians' Network to improve the working conditions of live comedians.

Rates and agreements

Working on an Equity agreed contract?

Find your pay rate and terms