Working together for better pay, terms and conditions

Film & TV Network

Have you been engaged on a PACT Equity Film or TV contract in the last three years and would you like to join our network to make the industry a better place to work? Sign up now.

Equity Film and TV Network

This year is an incredibly important year as we will be renegotiating the majority of our collective agreements in film and TV – PACT TV, PACT Cinema Films, and Streaming Platforms. Making these agreements fit for purpose is vital because they dictate the key terms you’re working on, such as minimum rates of pay, secondary payments like royalties and residuals, hours of work, breaks, and overtime.

It’s crucial that your voices are front and centre at every stage of these negotiations and beyond. That's why we have launched a new Film & TV Network.

This network will play a key role in building Equity’s industrial power. Only by working together can we bargain for better pay, terms and conditions.

What is the role of members of the network?


You will help increase Equity’s presence in your place of work and encourage your fellow performers to become involved with the work of the union. That could include getting other performers to take part in surveys or a future ballot, or handing out guides or campaigning materials in your workplace. 

Point of contact

You will be a key point of contact between Equity staff and working members. You will help keep the union abreast of members’ views and channel issues raised by your fellow performers. 


Another important task will be encouraging other performers to join and engage with the union. The higher Equity’s membership levels are, the more powerful the union and its members are in driving change.

I want to join the network - where do I start?

Simply fill in the form below.

I am a Supporting Artist – how can I get involved?

Supporting Artists are engaged under a different agreement. Protecting SAs against unfair terms and unregulated artificial intelligence is a top priority for the union. We will be sending out a notification soon about the first meeting of our new Supporting Artists Network, so watch this space!

I want to learn more about the network – who can I speak to?

We have organised a series of open meetings to launch the network and talk about the agreements. Please sign up to the network so you can join these informative sessions to learn more and shape our upcoming negotiations.

If you would like to speak directly with a member of staff, please contact and one someone from the Film & TV team will get back to you.