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Students & Graduates

By becoming an Education and Training member of Equity, you are joining the fight to make the entertainment industry a better place to work.

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Education and Training Membership

Replaces Equity Student Membership from the 1 February 2024 with radically improved benefits and a 75% discount on the full membership subscription fee.

This membership is for those who are studying on a course of NQF level 4 or above (or equivalent) or those in training for at least a year which meets the criteria of Equity’s 2013 non-professional guidelines. You will be a full member of the union with access to all democratic rights, and union activities and benefits, including £10 million PLI insurance cover.

To join Equity’s Education and Training Membership complete the online joining form which will enable you to see if you qualify for this membership.

Student member and young member bursaries

Applications for Equity's Student and Young member bursaries will open again in summer 2024. Find out more here.

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Kick-start your career

Equity members that are studying or training performance or practitioner disciplines have full democratic rights and access to all the union’s benefits. These include; reserving your Equity Name, industry relevant insurances and access to full union support and services in relation to your work in the performing arts and entertainment industries

Know your rights

Prepare yourself for life after graduation by learning about your rights in the workplace, and receive free training on how to stand up for yourself and others at work.

Get involved

Become an active member of your trade union and have your say as part of your local Equity branch, or get involved in our Networks to campaign on the issues that are important to you.

Become a Deputy

Get active in your institution as an Equity Student Deputy, represent your coursemates, receive training as a trade union activist, and start campaigning on campus and in your community.

Student Member and Young Member Bursaries

Each year bursaries are awarded to two Student Members in their final year of study, and two Graduate or Full Members aged 18-30 to assist with the costs of beginning a career in the entertainment industry.

Graduate Membership

Once you have completed your course, you can become an Equity Subsidised Member as a Graduate if your earnings are under £40,000 per year. You receive a 50% discount on the subscription fee for up to two years after your studies conclude, maintaining full access to the union’s benefits.

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