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Equity Conference

Equity member Dawn speaking at a rally at Equity conference

Equity Conference 2024 - Birmingham - 18-20 May

Equity Conference is coming to Birmingham from Saturday 18 - Monday 20 May 2024. We look forward to welcoming members from across the UK for three days to debate policy and engage with the union's industrial and campaigning work.

You can download the full timetable for the lead up to conference at the bottom of this page (including the deadlines for confirming motions and representatives).

Documents 2024

Conference Timetable 2024

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Equity Conference Agenda and Guide 2024

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Equity Conference Expenses Form 2024

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Annual accounts 2023

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Annual report 2023

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Members expenses policy

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Audio version of Conference Agenda and Motions 

Equity Conference 2023 - London - 20-22 May 2023

Equity Conference 2023 was held at the TUC's Congress Centre in London, 20-22 May, attended by 216 members, staff and invited guests.

Topics debated included self-taping, threats to drag artists, renewing the work around safe spaces, small venue closures, student membership, video games and arts cuts, including those affecting English National Opera.

A rally was held on the Saturday night in opposition to the mass closures of small venues across London and the whole UK, particularly LGBTQ+ venues. 

This year saw an expanded fringe, with nine events covering topics including the social model of disability, political attacks on the right to strike and celebrating activism across the union. 

A dinner was held at the British Medical Association on Tavistock Square, and Joseph Ballard, Summer Strallen and seven deputies from the English National Opera (represented by David John-Newman, Ronald Nairne and Amy Kerenza Sedgwick) were presented with Honorary Life Membership.

Documents 2023

Equity Conference 2023, motions passes

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Equity Conference report 2023

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