Voting is now open

Elections for President, Council, Appeals Committee and Conference Business Committee

Voting for Equity Council, Appeals Committee and Conference Business Committee is now open. 

Ballot papers were sent in the post on 24 May 2024. Please support your union by voting in this election.

Your ballot:

  • Needs to be returned by post to UK Engage, the independent scrutineer for this election (use the pre-paid envelope). Anti-trade union laws mean this ballot has to be by post.
  • Needs to arrive with UK Engage in the post no later than Friday 28 June (12 noon). Please don't leave it until the last minute as late ballots will not be counted.

What you're voting on

The Equity Council is the governing body of your union, setting Equity policy and overseeing every aspect of our work.

The Equity Conference, organised by the Conference Business Committee, sets union policy and is our most important public face every year. The Appeals Committee is the final guarantor of fairness in our internal disciplinary processes. All are up for election this year and their importance means that your vote is vital.

The position of Equity President is uncontested. 

Find out who is standing for election

Elections timeline 2023-2024

About the positions

The President is the most prominent member within the union. They chair the Council, conference and other meetings, and represent the union nationally and internationally.

The Council is made up of 34 members plus the President. It is the union's governing body, or national executive, and the key decision-making body within the union. It is made up of various different seats, some general and some reserved for specific parts of the union's membership.

It is elected every two years and makes crucial decisions about what the union does — for example, it oversees the contracts we agree with employers and decides on the campaigns we run. It is made up of members of Equity just like you — members who volunteer to serve their union and fellow members.

Members are also invited to stand for the Appeals Committee, which hears appeals against disciplinary penalties, and for the Conference Business Committee, which organises the business of the union’s annual conference.

If elected, your reasonable expenses for attending meetings, including the costs of caring responsibilities, will be met by Equity.

You can also send any questions to

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