All involved with the casting process have a responsibility to make reasonable endeavours to ensure performers are given the opportunity to prepare and give of their best.

Code of conduct for auditions

From the Equity / Society of London Theatre (SOLT) Agreement for West End Theatre Artists (including Performers, Stage Management, Booth Singers and Supernumeraries).

(Note: Including 'workshops' where a workshop is used as part of the audition process).

All involved with the casting process have a responsibility to make reasonable endeavours to ensure performers are given the opportunity to prepare and give of their best.

A2.1 Facilities

A2.1.1 The Manager shall provide, where reasonable and practicable, in addition to the room in which the auditions are being held, appropriate accommodation to enable the Artists to change, wait and prepare.

A2.1.2 Audition accommodation shall be of a suitable size, properly lit, cleaned, heated and ventilated.

A2.1.3 When Artists are required to dance, the Manager will provide suitable surfaces and washing facilities and will use their best endeavours to provide shower facilities.

A2.1.4 The Manager shall arrange auditions to provide as much privacy as possible and shall, in any case, ensure that the Tannoy or other sound equipment is switched off.

A2.1.5 The Manager shall provide, where reasonable and practicable, access for disabled people.

A2.2 Personnel

A2.2.1 A person responsible for casting shall be present at all auditions.

A2.2.2 There shall be sufficient personnel (and, in the case of open auditions for musicals, there shall be a minimum of two) who shall be briefed as to the requirements of those conducting the audition.

A2.2.3 An Equity representative shall be entitled to be present at all open auditions to give any necessary information.

A2.2.4 Unless the Manager is employing an agent as a casting consultant, agents will only be allowed to attend auditions at the request of an Artist and then only for the audition of the Artist making the request and with the prior consent of the Manager.

A2.2.5 No members of the press or persons other than those listed above shall be entitled to be present in the audition area without the Artist's prior knowledge and consent upon reasonable notice. Whenever the Manager intends to hold auditions with the press present they shall offer the Artist an alternative time when the press will not be present.

A2.3 General procedures for Auditions

A2.3.1 Where possible all Artists shall receive at least 48 hours' in advance:

A2.3.1.1 Notification of the nature of the auditions and, details of the part(s) being cast; and who will be present;

A2.3.1.2 Notification if the audition is to be taped or recorded in any way.

A2.3.1.3 All necessary material. All the material will remain the property of the management to whom it will be returned if requested.

A2.3.2 Artists should arrive in adequate time and be fully prepared by their audition time. If any Artist is unable to attend an audition at the specified time, they will inform the Manager as soon as possible. If any Artist arrives late for an audition, the Manager shall not be obliged to audition that Artist or use their best endeavours to do so.

A2.3.3 On arrival at the place of audition, the Artist shall be informed of the names and roles of the persons conducting the audition and of any special requirements which have not already been notified in advance.

A2.3.4 Nothing shall prevent the Manager from inviting the Artist to audition for a part for which they were not originally being considered, provided the Manager shall afford the Artist reasonable time and facilities to prepare for such additional audition.

A2.3.5 The Manager shall inform Artists (or their agents) either prior to or at the time of the audition of the arrangements for Artists (or their agents) being notified of the results of their audition. Performers or their agents should be informed when they have not got a role at the earliest opportunity and at least by the time the full cast are announced in the Press.

A2.3.6 If the Artist is recalled on the same day, a time for the recall shall be mutually agreed.

A2.3.7 All those who are essential to casting decisions should work with performers to minimise the number of recalls.

A2.3.8 If the Artist is called to attend more than two auditions, they shall be paid travel and out-of-pocket expenses for attending any auditions after the second provided that such expenses only apply to Artists who live outside Zone 4. For auditions in excess of six, all travel expenses will be paid for the sixth audition onwards. The Manager will make expense forms available at the auditions and the Artist shall submit a claim for travel within one week of the audition and which shall be reimbursed with two weeks. The Manager shall ensure that the Artist is required to attend as few recalls as possible.

A2.3.9 Any auditions involving nudity or semi-nudity will be conducted in line with Schedule 11.

A2.3.10 An Artist already under contract to another Manager shall bring to the audition written evidence of their availability to accept the engagement if offered.

A2.3.11 With specific exceptions as allowed by law, performers should not be asked for personal information, verbally or in writing, as part of the audition.

A2.3.12 Information provided on the head sheet or the artist declaration form or equivalent must be treated in accordance with data protection law. Version as of August 2019 Version as of August 2019 A 2 A 2 APPENDIX 2: CODE OF CONDUCT FOR AUDITIONS 72

A2.4 Special provisions for Open Auditions

A2.4.1 Artists shall be required to complete an audition card, which shall have provision for the Equity name and number (where applicable), legal name (if different from the above), their agent and details of their credits.

A2.4.2 Artists will normally be auditioned in order of their arrival at the place of audition, where they will be given a numbered card (in addition to the card referred to in

A2.4.1 above), which shall determine their place in the order of those being auditioned.

A2.5 Special provisions for Straight plays

A2.5.1 A description of the part(s) being auditioned shall be given in advance to the Artist or their agent, where the play has been written, with full details of the scenes to be read.

A2.5.2 The Artist shall be informed in advance whether they are is required to give a set speech of their own choosing and/or to read a scene.

A2.5.3 If the Artist is required to read with another person, that person shall be competent.

A2.6 Special provisions for Musicals / Operatic productions

A2.6.1 A capable pianist and a piano in tune shall be provided although an Artist may use their own pianist if they wish and, in any event, the Artist must supply suitable music.

A2.6.2 If the Artist is required to learn a specific number, the Manager shall provide the music and where possible an MP3 guide track, which shall be made available not later than forty-eight hours before the audition, and the Artist shall perform the audition piece as provided.

A2.7 Advertisements

A2.7.1 The Manager shall ensure that all advertisements relating to auditions shall be as specific as possible.

A2.7.2 Advertisements should contain the following information where appropriate:

A2.7.2.1 Whether any specific requirements exist regarding gender, ethnic characteristics, age range, height, dance or voice or music type, or previous professional experience;

A2.7.2.2 Any requirement regarding clothing and footwear;

A2.7.2.3 The timing of an open audition;

A2.7.2.4 The date of rehearsals and production if known.

A2.7.3 Casting breakdown should encourage applications from the most diverse range of Artists possible.

A2.8 Self-taping

In the case of self-taping, Artists should be given clear direction on what is required and a realistic time frame. There should also be a timely acknowledgement of receipt.

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