Working together so performers and creatives can feel safe at work

Creating safe spaces

Our members deserve the same respect as any other worker in any other sector. We’re calling on everyone in the industry to work together to create a culture shift. We want an industry where workplaces are free of bullying and harassment. Find out what we’re calling for and how you can help make it happen.

Use our safe spaces statement

We ask companies to show their commitment to creating safe spaces by reading the following statement at the beginning of a production’s rehearsal period:

Every single one of us working on this project is entitled to work in a safe space: a space free of fear, a space free of bullying & harassment of any kind. We will work together honouring our differences & celebrating the gifts we each bring to the table. We will treat one another with politeness & respect at all times &, if we are subjected to or witness bullying & harassment, we will speak out knowing that our voices will be heard & we will be taken seriously. Together we can create a safe space.

Our Agenda for Change

Our Agenda for Change report outlines our asks to industry, to workplaces and our own commitments - find out more on the Agenda For Change page.

Ending bullying and harassment in the TV industry

In response to allegations of harassment in the industry, we led the call on the TV industry to commit to improve its safeguarding standards. This applies to all workers – including actors and performers – in all aspects of their operations.

As a result of our work co-ordinating this demand, in 2022 global TV producers and broadcasters published a statement of commitment against bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour. We will continue to monitor activity to implement this commitment.

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Dignity at work

Advice if you are being bullied, harassed or treated unfairly at work – and if you’re experiencing abuse at home.

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Advice and support

Equity is the torch-bearer for good working practices in the UK entertainment industry. We support our members at work