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Welcome to Equity's audio area

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The work of a voice over artist crosses over many different areas, from television and computer games to radio and corporate jobs. Equity can offer guideline rates for all types of work and will ensure your rights are protected

It can be really difficult knowing what rates you should be quoting for in a sector with such a wide variety of work – especially as the platforms and the way your material is being used is constantly changing. We have a closer working relationship with our sister unions in the US, Canada and Australia to ensure that the agreements negotiated and the guidelines and information provided by Equity are relevant and of the highest quality. We also appreciate that you are often working alone and some of you are without an agent – and this makes having the support of the union even more valuable. Sometimes it can be tricky knowing whether you should sign a contract and what rights you are giving away. Being able to talk this through with Equity can be a great help. 

Member benefits
Being a member entitles you to numerous benefits. Having access to free legal advice and cover is invaluable. Unfortunately, your voice being used without your consent or non payment of work does happen. Equity will take these cases on for you, which takes the financial and personal burden away.
The union is currently campaigning on agent regulation and the use of professionals. We would welcome your input on these issues as a new member. 

Peter Dickson

"Being a voiceover artist and working from your own studio can be a fairly isolating experience. I have been a proud Equity member for almost 30 years and it has really helped me feel part of a community. Just having someone I can call to get advice on rates and contractual issues has been an invaluable asset. Equity membership also entitles you to free legal cover if necessary. The more members in the union, the stronger we are! I would urge you to join – believe me, it is well worth it."

Peter Dickson, voice over artist: Britain’s Got Talent, X Factor (and more!)

Find out more
Contact Equity’s Audio Organiser Cathy Sweet:
or 020 7670 0253