Fix Brexit

We need Government to fix the Brexit chaos for the creative industries


of Equity members report that Brexit has negatively affected their confidence in being able to find work


have seen job advertisements and/or casting breakdowns asking for EU passport holders only to apply


have been asked by their agent to confirm if they are an EU passport holder for the purpose of finding work

We need Government to fix the Brexit chaos for the creative industries

In December 2020, the UK and EU signed the Trade and Cooperation Agreement which governs our trading and security relationship. Despite Equity’s calls to protect creative professionals and their ability to tour freely, the Trade Deal has made it very difficult for many of our members to work in the EU. Expensive visas, different work permits for different countries and inconsistent tax and social security rules are just some of the obstacles workers now face.

Equity campaigning

Last year Equity launched a campaign to fix the Brexit chaos. This followed the Government's continued inability to resolve the problems faced by our members travelling to the EU 27 for work. Together with a number of unions, industry bodies and MPs from across the political spectrum we called for:

  • a bespoke Visa Waiver Agreement with the EU for the creative sector
  • bilateral agreements with key individual EU Member States
  • emergency funding to cover additional costs when undertaking work in Europe
  • reduce impact of new road haulage and cross-trade rules

Over a year has passed and the proposed solutions have not materialised despite our collective efforts. Our General Secretary has also called for clarity from the government following a number of misleading statements about the level of progress they have achieved.

Advice on working in the EU

We've pulled together advice for Equity members to help you navigate working in the EU under the latest Brexit rules. Before you travel, it is important to check COVID restrictions in your destination country and rules upon return to the UK.

We will continue to work with others across our industry to lobby the government to resolve the ongoing issues and support our members to navigate the new rules.

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