Professionally Made Professionally Paid
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Professionally Made Professionally Paid


Professionally Made Professionally Paid

Low and no pay is a major issue for Equity members. The union is responding to those concerns by launching a year-long campaign to convince employers that professionals should be paid.

The current situation of low and no pay in many parts of our industry is very damaging. Almost half of respondents in our most recent pay survey earn less than £5,000 per year from their professional work. Young members are expected to start their careers without any pay for months or years and diversity is suffering as those without private income are being priced out.

With the appointment in 2014 of a full time dedicated Low and No Pay (LPNP) Industrial Organiser, Equity is doing more than ever to improve working conditions for our members. This campaign is designed to highlight the work the union is undertaking on this issue and mobilise our members to resist low and no pay.

This year we will highlight the ongoing work by Equity staff to challenge poor practices, and promote the set of reasonable and pragmatic union contracts we have available for use on low budget productions. We will continue to educate members as to their rights and defend those rights to the National Minimum Wage and other legal entitlements through the courts, where necessary.

We will also be running events throughout the year. These will include open meetings for workers wanting to know more about their rights and fundraising seminars. We will use our media profile to bring to the fore success stories from those employers with experience of making the effort to fund fair pay productions. 

Everyone can support the campaign, whether it’s as an Equity member, through your local Equity branch, or as someone who wants to employ Equity members.

You can register to join the campaign through the personal details section of the members' area.

You can also find more details including legal information; downloadable campaign materials and documents; and view the list of campaign supporters.

To stay up to date on the latest campaign news follow @EquityLPNP on Twitter, and use #Made&Paid to link your tweets to the campaign.

Further information
Contact Equity's dedicated low pay no pay industrial organiser 
Emmanuel de Lange
020 7670 0237