Representing Stage Managers in Equity

Stage Management Committee

We represent stage managers in Equity.

We as the Stage Management Committee advise the Equity Stage Committee and take approved action on any matters relevant to the professional employment of Equity members who work as stage management anywhere in the entertainment industry.   We submit industrial claims to relevant employers and agree settlements of claims

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Equity West End Stage Management Buy-Out Tracker

Equity has created a buy-out tracker for Stage Management members working on SOLT/Equity West End contracts.

The tracker is an important part of the union's work to ensure that producers implement buy-outs correctly without undermining minimum rates of pay, and to ensure that you are able to track any payments owed to you should the overtime you work overtake the value of your buy-out.

The tracker itself is an Excel file which you can download below and input information specific to your contract into. Before using the tracker for the first time please watch our explainer video.

If you have any questions - about the tracker or your buy-out - please email Hannah Plant, Equity Official with responsibility for the West End, on

Equity intend to also produce Buy-Out Trackers for both the UK Theatre/Equity Collective Agreement and UK Theatre/Equity Sub-rep Agreement.


SOLT/Equity buyout tracker

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