AI Toolkit Webinar 1: Template Contract for Performance Cloning


Online (Zoom link to be emailed to attendees at a later date)

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Hosted by Equity in conversation with Dr. Mathilde Pavis

The use of AI in the entertainment industry is accelerating across different sectors, including voiceover, film, TV, modelling, music, dance, and gaming. Whilst this technology is not yet widespread, the speed at which it is evolving makes this a not-so-distant reality.

Equity is particularly focused on “performance cloning”, which is the process of creating a synthetic performance by recording, using or reproducing the performance, voice or likeness of an Artist by machine learning systems and equivalent technology. Whilst this new technology used ethically and responsibly has the potential to positively impact the industry, Artists need to be very vigilant when deciding to engage with this kind of work.

With the help of leading acedemic and legal expert Dr Mathilde Pavis, we have created a new AI toolkit to give our members the tools you need to understand the landscape, protect your rights and ensure you are not being exploited. This includes a new template AI contract to use when being engaged by production companies, agencies and other end users commissioning.

Join our webinar to learn how you can use this new template AI contract for participating in this kind of work.

This webinar will take place on Zoom and the link will be emailed out to attendees at a later date.

This event is reserved for Equity members and their agents.

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