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Drag Network

We're unionising Drag! 

Drag is in the spotlight: from TV Shows to Drag Brunches, from Queer DIY performance spaces to the local boozer, today drag is thriving across the UK and more varied, popular and high-profile than ever.

Photo shows drag artist in striking green feather dress and ginger wig performing on stage, the photo is taken from behind the artist in two thirds profile looking out towards the audience

Our work

Equity is the UK trade union for performing artists and other creative practitioners. Together our members campaign collectively for better conditions, pay, and treatment across the industry. And that includes Drag!

Whether it’s fighting against discrimination and harassment, for proper safety standards and decent pay, or campaigning for a fairer, more sustainable industry, Equity is your union, and the place to come together for change.

We’re building Drag networks across the country to enable Drag Artists to organise locally to tackle the issues specific to their city and region, and to build collective power across the country to fight for a fairer and more sustainable industry for all.

If you are a Drag artist come along to a Network meeting and meet some of your fellow performers.